NBAHS Displays

NBAHS Displays

The Toys of Yesteryear Exhibit

On December 11, 2010 the wind was blowing hard and snow was spitting. The weather was frightfully cold outside the New Bloomfield Area Historical Society Building.

However, inside it was warm and cozy. A Christmas tree stood in one corner with old fashioned crocheted ornaments and snow flakes, garlands of popcorn and ornaments from the early 1930's hanging from the limbs. Antique toys surrounded the tree.

Another corner of the room featured an electric Lionel train with animated toys in the center of the oval track. One of those was a toy woodpecker sliding down trying to pick a hole in the metal pole it was on.

Standing on a display case in the back of the room was a tiny tree decorated with old Christmas post cards from the 1920's.

There were miniature tractors, old and new; sleds, spinning tops, an old German Accordion and a child's drum from the 1890's.

There were Barbie Dolls and a Barbie Limo. Porcelain headed dolls in their stately gowns, a red roaster and teddy bears of all sizes and ages.

Precious treasures from someone's past were everywhere.

Guests, who braved the cold to come, were served hot apple cider, steaming coffee and delicious Christmas cookies during their museum tour.

This special showing of toys, along with the other permanent exhibits makes it worthwhile to visit the museum. Be aware that the New Bloomfield area historical society will be closed throughout the month of January and will reopen on Saturday, February 05, 2011, except by request, call (573)-491-0180.

Dorothy Tighe

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   Lewis & Clark Display

Lewis & Clark Maps Display
from June 08, 2009 thru August 24, 2009.

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 Lewis & Clark Map Display  Lewis & Clark Map Display  Lewis & Clark Map Display  Lewis & Clark Map Display
 Lewis & Clark Map Display  Lewis & Clark Map Display  Lewis & Clark Map Display  Lewis & Clark Map Display
 Lewis & Clark Map Display      Lewis & Clark Map Display

The Lewis and Clark Expedition Map Exhibit will be on display at the New Bloomfield Area Historical Society Museum every Saturday morning during normal operating house and by special arrangements during weekdays. The NBAHS will make every effort to arrange special viewing times for groups of school classes and organizations. To arrange a special viewing time for your group, please contact the NBAHS at or (573)-491-0181. The exhibit is provided by the Missouri State Archives, Secretary of State's Office, and will be on display from June 08, 2009 thru August 24, 2009. Please, only groups of fifteen (15) persons or larger.

News Tribune Article 06-14-2009 (html)

News Tribune Article 06-14-2009 (pdf)

   Quilt Show & Memorabilia Display

NBAHS Sponsored Quilt Show
on Nov. 14 & 15, 2008
on Nov. 21 & 22, 2008
on Nov. 28 & 29, 2008

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 Dorothy Johnson  Ruby McNaughton  Mattie B. Murray  Sallie Yancy Oliver  Mother (Frances (Jones) Foster)
 Bessie (Boyd) Wilson  Mary Ferguson  Lola Knox  Ollie Clatterbuck  Ellie Lawson
 Bobby B. Wilson  Grace Repper  Maud Winscott  Susie Nichols  Mollie Bedsworth
 Ruth Thomas  Joe E. Sanders  Mable Rusk  May Morris  Edna Warbritton
 Boonie Tipton  Anna M. Drinkard  Emma Boyd  Emma Dunn  Mattie McCain
 Ellen Edwards  Lizze Sanders  May Lynes  Evelyn Jane ((Johnson) Hebert)  Bessie Darter
 February 12, 1932

   First Meeting Photos - Sept. 20, 2007

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